Coronary Care Unit

The main feature of coronary care is the availability of telemetry or the continuous monitoring of the cardiac rhythm by electrocardiography. This allows early intervention with medication, cardioversion or defibrillation, improving the prognosis. As arrhythmias are relatively common in this group, patients with myocardial infarction or unstable angina are routinely admitted to the coronary care unit. For other indications, such as atrial fibrillation, a specific indication is generally necessary, while for others, such as heart block, coronary care unit admission is standard.

The Coronary Care Unit is a critical care unit that provides 14 beds for early assessment and intervention for patients experiencing a suspected or actual acute cardiac event. We care for patients with potentially life- threatening cardiac conditions including: acute coronary syndromes, cardiac arrhythmias, acute congestive heart failure, and patients pre/post interventional cardiac procedures.

In the Coronary Care Unit our aim is to provide holistic care for acute cardiology patients by administering a coordinated multi-disciplinary approach including the initiation of early intervention as appropriate.

Nursing staff from our unit attend all medical emergency team (MET) responses throughout The Satara Hospital campus.

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